THE EXPERIMENTALIST (original pilot)

In an effort to get her stalled writing career moving, a writer begins purposefully going against her better judgement in personal and professional relationships.

THE EXPERIMENTALIST won’s 1st TV Script Writing Competition in the sitcom category. The script was also a finalist in the American Gem Short Script contest and was an honorable mention selection in the Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival.

EX-DRINKS (digital series)

A couple’s boozy, impetuous decision to reunite triggers a chain reaction of breakups which occur, naturally, over more drinks.  Based loosely on Arthur Schnitzler’s play Le Ronde, EX-DRINKS circular structure allows for interconnected yet standalone stories which flicker with desire, regret, nostalgia and possibility.

EX-DRINKS was named a second rounder at the 2018 Austin Film Festival.



more than love (full-length screenplay)

MORE THAN LOVE placed in the top ten percent of the Nicholl Fellowship and was a finalist for the West Field Screenwriting Award and the Denver Film Festival Screenplay Competition. More Than Love was a finalist in the comedy category of the Creative World Award screenplay contest and a 2nd Rounder in Austin Film Festival screenplay competition.